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Italy vetoes local operator's deal with Huawei


The Italian government vetoed a planned deal to supply Huawei telecommunications equipment to the Fastweb telecom operator. This is reported by Reuters, citing industry sources.

Klaas `Z4us` van B. V
Klaas `Z4us` van B. V
According to the newspaper, the deal was about the supply of telecommunications equipment, which was to be used to create a basic mobile communications network of the fifth generation (5G). 

It is noted that Fastweb (the Italian division of Swisscom) has chosen by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei as the sole supplier. The decision did not suit the Italian government, which vetoed the deal and urged Fastweb to "diversify equipment suppliers."

During a visit to Italy in September, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Chinese mobile technology threatened Italy's national security. Huawei has denied all allegations of ties to the Chinese government and intelligence services. 

The Italian division of Huawei announced its readiness to undergo any inspection that can confirm the safety of the equipment supplied.

source: reuters.com