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Jack Ma believes in possibility of switching to a 12-hour work week


Jack Ma, the billionaire and founder of Alibaba, said people could only work 12 hours a week thanks to artificial intelligence and educational reform.

ITU pictures
ITU pictures
Ma made this statement during a speech at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai. He believes that thanks to technological advances, people will be able to work three days a week for four hours a day. The billionaire also called electricity an example of how technology makes life easier for humanity. "Electricity gives people more free time, so you can go to karaoke or a party in the evening. I think that thanks to artificial intelligence, people will have more time to do what they want," said Ma.

The businessman also called on the peoples and governments of different countries to focus on the reform of educational systems in the next 10-20 years so that "our children can find work that requires only three days a week and four hours a day." “Unless we change our educational system now, we will have problems,” Ma warned. According to the billionaire, the current education system is outdated and needs to be updated.

Ma also said he was not worried that many people might lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence. "Computers have only chips, and people have a heart. And wisdom is born in the heart," said the businessman.

source: bloomberg.com