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Japan to deploy unmanned fighter jets by 2035


Japan has embarked on the development of unmanned fighter jets to be operational by 2035, the Financial Times (FT) reports.

It is noted that the development of unmanned fighter jets in Japan is aimed at equalizing the military parity with China, the air force of which is markedly superior to the Japanese.

In particular, FT notes that China has more than 1,000 fourth-generation fighters capable of reaching supersonic speeds, while Japan has three times fewer such machines. China has also begun fielding fifth-generation fighters with stealth technology.

Japan's Defense Ministry intends to put unmanned fighters into service in three stages. First there will be remote control of these machines individually, then remote control of several planes to practice their interaction in flight, and then full execution of tasks by groups of unmanned vehicles. 

It is no coincidence that 2035 has been set as a target for unmanned fighter deployment - it is by then that Japan intends to develop its own next-generation manned fighter.

source: ft.com