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Jeff Bezos: When will the richest person on Earth get problems in his company under control?


The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos once again became the richest man that ever walked on the earth. But even a fortune of $ 151 billion does not guarantee that all the problems that have accumulated in numerous billionaire companies will disappear.

jdlasica via flickr
jdlasica via flickr
Amazon.com is the largest company in the field of online trading and Internet services. However, despite the outstanding success of its founder Jeff Bezos, not all of its employees are satisfied with the company's policy and the state of affairs.

On July 16, a strike of Amazon workers took place in Spain. 1800 discontented people came to the streets. On July 17, German employees joined the protest.

"Here, in Madrid, we believe that we can achieve fulfillment of our demands only through joint efforts," says the rally’s organizers. Employees of Amazon protest for a number of reasons, from low wages to appalling working conditions.

"Amazon employees suffer from exhaustion, dehydration and injuries in the workplace. Jeff Bezos is the richest man on Earth. His employees deserve the best! "- read the strike’s statement.

Reports of barbaric working conditions in offices and warehouses of Amazon have been coming in since 2015. There was information that employees were fired if they did not have time to pack two items per minute.

In May of this year, it became known that many Amazon workers do not dare to leave their place even for a bathroom break, and therefore carry bottles to urinate. The contents are then poured into garbage bins.

In addition, they say that the company’s corporate culture encourages those who snitch, and also permits to sharply criticize other people's ideas.

Nevertheless, Amazon’s management refuses to believe in this state of affairs and denies everything.

"We do not believe that these statements reflect the essence of the work in our offices," the official representative of Amazon said. Jeff Bezos himself also expressed skepticism about the "rumors" three years ago, saying that no one would work in such inhuman conditions. "I myself would quit," added the billionaire.

Staff of The Washington Post, which the billionaire acquired in 2013 for $ 250 million, also complaints about the sternness of Bezos. In June 2018, about 400 employees of The Washington Post asked to increase their salary, as well as to provide some benefits.

"The Washington Post is not just a commercial enterprise. Please show the world that you are capable not only of being the best in the accumulation of wealth, but also of knowing how to share it with those who helped you get it, "reads the letter signed by the editorial staff.

Donald Trump unexpectedly reacted to the letter before Bezos. "Washington Post employees want to strike, because Bezos pays them little. I think a long strike is a great idea. Employees will be paid more money, and we will get rid of fake news for a long time!"- wrote the head of the US on his Twitter page.

At the moment, it is not known whether Bezos has satisfied the request of its employees.

Many find it surprising that Jeff Bezos is ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the list of the world's richest people.

Nevertheless, do not forget that in his entire life Gates and his wife Melinda donated about $ 35 billion for charity. But Bezos donates to charity quite reluctantly.

There is information that two years ago he donated $ 100 million, after which his philanthropic track is completely lost.

It is known that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates offered Jeff Bezos to join the campaign "The Giving Pledge", which unites billionaires around the world. However, the head of Amazon said that he did not want to part with his half of his fortune, and refused the offer.

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