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Jihadi Monitor says Revenge for Osama’s Assassination Promised by his Son Hamza


Jihadi Monitor says Revenge for Osama’s Assassination Promised by his Son Hamza
The United States has been threatened once again by Bin Laden. But this time it is Osama Bin Laden’s son.
In an audio message posted online, revenge against the United States for assassinating his father has been announced by the son of slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
According to the SITE Intelligence Group, the 21-minute speech entitled "We Are All Osama," airs a promise made by Hamza bin Laden to continue the global militant group's fight against the United States and its allies.
SITE Intelligence Group is an organization that tracks white supremacist and jihadi organizations online.
Of late the US administration and law enforcement agencies have been struggling to deal with surging violence between state police forces and local residents and combating the increasing threat of ISIS conducting subversive activities within the country and against US citizens elsewhere in the world.
"We will continue striking you and targeting you in your country and abroad in response to your oppression of the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Muslim lands that did not survive your oppression," Hamza said.
"As for the revenge by the Islamic nation for Sheikh Osama, may Allah have mercy on him, it is not revenge for Osama the person but it is revenge for those who defended Islam," he further said in the video.
In one of the most telling blows to the militant group which carried out the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, their supreme leader and global terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed at his Pakistani hideout by U.S. commandos in 2011.

The fact that Laden's aides tried to reunite the militant leader with Hamza, who had been held under house arrest in Iran, was revealed in the documents that were recovered from bin Laden's compound and published by the United States last year.
The Brookings Institution says that Hamza spent time with Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan after the U.S.-led invasion pushed much of al Qaeda's senior leadership there. He was also at his father's side in Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks. Hamza is now in his mid-twenties, the institution said.
Hamza provides a younger voice for the group whose aging leaders have struggled to inspire militants around the world galvanized by Islamic State and this son of Bin Laden was introduced to the world by the organization's new chief Ayman al-Zawahiri through an audio message last year.
Following a recent surge in ISIS brand recognition, Hamza appears to desire a rekindling to the Bin Laden vs. US tensions. A millennial viewpoint for recruitment and brainwashing for Al Qaeda to provided by the new face of Hamza.

Given his claims that his revenge is less about  his father and more about "those who defended Islam", the mid-twenty-year-old Hamza is ripe to lead a new jihad.
According to Bruce Riedel of Brookings:"Hamza provides a new face for al Qaeda – one, which directly connects to the group's founder. He is an articulate and dangerous enemy.”