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Johnson calls on G7 leaders to vaccinate the world by the end of 2022


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to call on G7 leaders - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States - to vaccinate the entire world against the coronavirus by the end of 2022.

Arno Mikkor
Arno Mikkor
"I call on my fellow G7 leaders to join us in ending this terrible pandemic and publicly pledge not to let the devastation wrought by the coronavirus be repeated," the statement specifies. According to the politician, vaccinating the world's population by the end of next year would be "the greatest achievement in the history of medicine".

According to the office, the implementation of the global immunisation plan should include increasing vaccine production and reducing barriers to international distribution of these vaccines by G7 countries. To do this, it is proposed that "excess doses" be shared with developing countries bilaterally as well as through the COVAX system.

On 3 June, Johnson received a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine produced by AstraZeneca. The politician received the second vaccination as per regulations - 11 weeks after the first. The British prime minister received the first component of the vaccine on 19 March at St Thomas Hospital.

source: bbc.com