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Johnson unveils Brexit compromise deal considering Irish issue


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled his compromise proposals to the EU on Brexit terms. First of all, they relate to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, says BBC News.

Financial Times via flickr
Financial Times via flickr
Johnson proposed that Ireland and Northern Ireland remain a single space, and Northern Ireland remain on the EU single commodity market, but still withdraw from the European Customs Union. He also proposed to give Northern Ireland the right to put forward additional measures to regulate the flow of goods on the island.

The Northern Ireland Parliament is supposed to approve these arrangements. Afterwards, the MPs will vote every four years on whether the regulations must be kept unchanged.

Speaking to the Conservatives, Johnson said that the only alternative to this decision is to leave the European Union without agreeing on the Brexit terms.

The European Commission promised to study his proposals. BBC sources in the government said they expect an early start of intensive negotiations with the UK officials so that a final agreement is concluded in mid-October.

The decision of London to return customs control points to the border between Ireland will prevent the Irish government from approving such agreements. At the same time, the EU leadership had already stated that they would be against the introduction of customs control solely by technical means.

For now, Brexit is postponed to October 31. Johnson insists on this date and says that he would prefer even Brexit without a deal. Parliament forbade him to agree to such an option.

source: bbc.co.uk