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Kyodo: Consumption in Japan nosedives during lockdown


In April, consumption in Japan fell by a record 11.1% compared with the corresponding period last year, the Kyodo agency reported, citing the Ministry of National Affairs.

Danny Choo via flickr
Danny Choo via flickr
The level of consumption in April, when a state of emergency was declared in the country, was 268 thousand yen (about $ 2,450) for a family of 2 or more people,. Compared to the same month last year, the decline was 11.1%. This is the largest figure since 2001.

Consumption of clothes and shoes fell the most, by 55.4%; spending on travel, excursions and entertainment fell by 33.9%; the category of "other expenses", which includes transport - by 16.2%, spending on food - by 6.6%.

In some categories, the decline was more than 90%. These include spending on visits to amusement parks - reduction was 97.8%, travel - 97.1%, air travel - 94.5%, catering - 90.3%. The cost of visiting cinemas and theaters was reduced by 90%. Due to the cancellation of the April ceremonies of the new school year, as well as the ceremonies of recruitment, expenditures on the purchase of official suits were reduced by 79.9%.

At the same time, due to a sharply increased demand for masks and disinfectants and rising prices for these goods, spending on them increased twofold. For console games, expenses also doubled, for personal computers - by 72.3%. Among foodstuffs, spending on durable goods, for example, on pasta, increased by 70.5%.

source: kyodonews.net