Daily Management Review

Living Cost In The UK Has Eased Out


The price drop in various markets has led to the decrease in living cost in the United Kingdom.

The beginning of the 2016 brings good news to the UK dwellers as the cost of living in the United Kingdom has just come down further. The said decrease is the result of the price decline in footwear, clothing along with the price drop in household equipments and furniture.
The price index of consumer came crumbling down by “0.8%” in the month of January on month to month basis, while the year to year index gained “0.3%”, reported the “Office for National Statistics”.
However, according to the expectation of the economists, the fall was forecasted at “0.7%” on the month scale as oppose to a rise of “0.3%” on the yearly index.
Comparing the monthly movement ratio, the biggest fall came about in the clothing and footwear sectors which fell by “(-3.1%)”, while the transport and household equipment market dropped by “(-2.0%)” and “(-2.5%)” respectively.
The Digitallook also informs that:
“Core-inflation, defined as the CPI minus energy, food, and alcoholic beverages fell by 1.0% over the month, with the year-on-year rate of increase sliding from 1.4% to 1.2%”.