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Lockheed Martin receives $30Mln contract from US Department of Defense


The Pentagon will allocate funds for the next phase of the OpFires weapons integration program.

407apartments.com via flickr
407apartments.com via flickr
The defense concern Lockheed Martin has received a $ 31.9 million contract from the Pentagon. The OpFires weapons integration program allocates funds for the management of promising research projects of the military department for the 3rd phase. This is an innovative ground launch system. It is believed that it allows a hypersonic missile system to penetrate modern enemy air defense.

"The OpFires system is critical to providing the US Army with a response tool that can work from a ground-based launch position to suppress hostile threats," the concern’s spokesman commented on the concept.

The new contract is a consequence of the fact that Washington has stepped up efforts to create a system of protection against drones. As explained by US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Logistics, Ellen Lord, the U.S. Department of State spurred attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Lord also noted that she expects "substantial progress" in the creation of hypersonic weapons.

source: cnn.com