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Macron's rating falls to lowest since 2019 amid pension reform


The unpopular pension reform is contributing to the decline in French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity, writes Le Journal du Dimanche referring to a poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion (Ifop).

European Parliament
European Parliament
The Ifop survey was carried out from March 9 to March 16. 1,952 people participated in the poll.

Only 28% of respondents in the most recent poll expressed satisfaction with the French president's work. This is the lowest amount of support that has been recorded since the yellow vests protests in France in 2019. According to Ifop, 32% of respondents in February supported Mr. Macron, down from 34% in January.

The French government declared at the start of January that it would raise the retirement limit from 62 to 64 starting in 2030. The plan sparked widespread, still-going protests.

The new retirement age was officially announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on March 16. Applying Article 49.3 of the constitution, the reform was approved in the National Assembly without receiving approval. The opposition retaliated by saying that it had not ruled out a motion of no confidence in the administration. 71% of French citizens are in favor a vote of no confidence in the French government and its resignation, according to a Toluna Harris Interactive poll.

source: lejdd.fr