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Maersk's biofuel-powered container ship successfully completes maiden voyage


Ane Maersk, the first major container ship of its sort, has successfully completed its first trip after docking in Hamburg. The ship is powered by biofuel.

The 350-meter-long container ship was constructed on Maersk's order with a capacity of 16.6 thousand 20-foot (or roughly 6-meter) containers. 

Ane Maersk was assembled at HD Hyundai Heavy Industries' Ulsan shipyard in South Korea. The ship made her inaugural journey to Hamburg from the Chinese port of Ningbo.

Last year, Maersk unveiled a container ship that runs on green methanol, a biofuel. According to Maersk, the ship emits 100 tons less carbon dioxide per day while running on this fuel than while running on regular diesel. 

In the next two years, Maersk aims to have roughly twenty of these vessels. Biofuel-powered container ships are also being ordered by other maritime cargo companies.

source: offshore-energy.biz