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Massive blackout unfolds in Venezuela


About 2 million people were left without electricity due to large-scale blackout in Venezuela: "The National Electric System from El Tablaso to the west coast of Zulia failed, as a result of which several municipalities, including Maracaibo, were left without electricity. Corpoelec is working to find out and eliminate the causes," the mayor of Maracaibo wrote on Twitter.

According to the Venezuelan Energy State Corporation Corpoelec, cause of the shutdown was a failure of the power supply system in the west of the country. It is not reported how soon they plan to fix the malfunctions, but the corporation noted that its employees are “selflessly and devotedly working to stabilize the situation”.

This is not the first recent case when a power outage occurs in Venezuela: about two months ago, several regions were de-energized for a long time.

In March of this year, the largest blackout in the history of the country took place: 18 out of 23 states were left without electricity. The work of enterprises and state institutions across the country stopped for almost a week.

Experts attribute the interruptions to electricity in Venezuela with low investment in infrastructure and depreciation of equipment.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan authorities believe that the "enemies are to blame." So, after the summer interruptions in power supply in Caracas, Venezuelan Minister of Communications and Information Jorge Rodriguez said that power outages throughout the country were caused by an “electromagnetic attack” aimed at the country's main hydropower system.

source: reuters.com