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May Faces Hurdles As 9 Conservatives Support Staying In Customs Union


Split in Conservatives show support towards amendments on Brexit legislations for remaining in a “customs union”.

The amendments to the “legislation” for Brexit are being backed by 9 Conservative party member of Britain, while including “a parliamentary vote” to remain in a “customs union”, reported The Guardian.
The rebel group present in the party of the Prime Minister May contain “two former cabinet ministers” who have shown their support towards “‘substantial’ cross-party amendments” to the EU bill. One of the changes includes a vote to parliament in “staying in a customs union” and The Guardian reports that the same “is almost certain to pass””.
May’s capacity as a ruler is facing trails as with the “withdrawal bill” the Conservative party is experiencing a “split” in an attempt to fathom the best way to carry out Brexit, while “slim majority” of her party based in Northern Ireland is her only dependency. However, May considers it as a “betrayal” to the results of “2016 referendum” if she agrees to “a new customs union”, wherein all 28 EU members will “operate as a single tariff-free market”.
While Reuters added:
“May’s working majority in the 650-seat house stands at around 13 seats. The group of Conservatives include Chris Patten, a former party chairman, and Douglas Hogg, a former agriculture minister”.