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Meta completes rebranding by changing FB ticker to META


Meta Platforms has announced that the company's shares will start trading on Nasdaq under the ticker of the same name instead of FB as of 9 June. The company has been using the FB ticker since Facebook's IPO in 2012.

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Meta Platforms announced on Tuesday, 31 May that its shares will trade on Nasdaq from 9 June under the symbol (ticker) META. The new stock ticker symbol reflects the company's rebranding, which began in October 2021, Meta said in its announcement.

"No action on the part of the company's shareholders is required to change the ticker symbol. The company's Class A ordinary shares will continue to be listed on NASDAQ and its CUSIP number will remain unchanged," the company said in a statement to investors.

The stock exchange symbol FB has been used by the company since Facebook's initial public offering in 2012. The company's rebranding from Facebook to Meta was announced at the end of October last year, at which time it said it had "ambitions growing beyond social media".

It had planned to change its stock ticker to MVRS (short for Metaverse, meta-universe) from 1 December, CNBC reports. At the end of November, the company said it was delaying the change of the stock ticker until the first quarter of 2022. The META ticker had previously been used by Roundhill Investments for its ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), Roundhill Ball Metaverse. It announced that it would drop the symbol, freeing it up for Meta.

source: cnbc.com