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Mexican authorities arrest oil tanker involved in the theft of fuel


Mexico's National Agency for Industrial Safety and the Environment in the Hydrocarbon Sector (ASEA) announced the arrest of the Blue Commander tanker, an oil depot and tanker trucks involved in the theft of fuel from the Pemex pipeline.

"The ship and its crew were arrested for alleged possession and transportation of stolen fuel," said a communiqué on the government's website.

The special operation, carried out jointly by ASEA, the Navy, the National Intelligence Center, the Ministry of Security, the National Hydrocarbon Commission, the Attorney General's Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Consumer Prosecutor's Office and Pemex Oil Corporation, began on September 11 following a series of anonymous complaints about the theft of hydrocarbons with the participation of a warehouse of oil products and a tanker.

In the vicinity of Cardenas, Tabasco state, a tie-in to the Pemex pipeline was discovered, as well as a stolen tanker truck. There was an illegal oil products warehouse nearby, on the territory of which tankers and a tractor were also found - all of this was used to store and transport, presumably, stolen oil products.

The next day, prosecutors began investigative actions at the Agroindustria dock, located in the port of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, as a result of which the Blue Commander tanker with a carrying capacity of about 9 thousand tons and its crew members were arrested, as well as two tankers that were unloading fuel into it at the time of the check. The investigation in the framework of the initiated criminal cases continues.

source: reuters.com