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Migrants Forcefully Attempt To Enter Slovenia


Impatient migrants, weary of waiting in the cold weather, finally pushed their way through the borders of Slovenia, reports the border police force.

As per the Slovenian police who guard the border, the migrants were trying seep into Austria that is situated in Sentilj, Slovenia on Thursday. Following which they needed to control the flow of the migrants who were pouring in.
The migrants seeking asylum attempted to arrive at the Western part of Europe tried to cross over Slovenia as “Hungary closed its border with Croatia” whereby the barbed wire fence at the border line obstructs the migrants passage.
Hundreds of migrants who waited for hours altogether battling the cold weather finally pushed through the “metal barrier” present at the camp of Sentilj that sits on the border of Austria and Slovenia. Some of the migrants were even carrying babies in their arms.
The police of Slovenia and Austria had held up almost a thousand people between the barriers of Slovenian and Austrian borders. On Thursday, the people crammed within barriers pushed their way forward, while some trampled over a fallen refugee and others jumped over the fence.
In order to calm the situation, the police had to let “several hundred people cross toward Austria”; while eye witnesses report that several of the people were being carried on stretchers.
In fact, sometimes in the early part of the day on the 29th of October 2015, migrants belonging to the same camp began to fight among themselves which reflected “fraying tempers among the thousands of refugees lining up”.
The process of providing a passage to the people who arrive in large groups has been “very slow”. Moreover, the authorities only allow migrants to cross over the border in “small groups” at a time.


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