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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation donates Yen 5 Million to Nepal


So as to assist rehabilitation work in Nepal, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has donated five million yen for this purpose wishing the State and its survivors a speedy recovery.

So as to assist the rehabilitation work in Nepal as well as support the victims and aid recovery efforts following the devastating earthquake on April 25th, which as per scientists, lifted parts of the Himalayan kingdom by as much as one metre, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has decided that it will generously donate five million yen for this cause. The Donation will be routed through Japan Platform, a non-governmental organisation that typically offers international humanitarian aid.
Taking into account, the daily toll that this humanitarian crisis is causing, Mitsubishi Electric has expressed its deepest sympathies and sincere hopes for a quick and speedy recovery. In order to make this happen, it is also planning to organise donation drives by employees and take other necessary support measures, depending on evolving conditions.
About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Headquartered in Japan, Tokyo, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognised world leader in the manufacturing, marketing and sale of a wide spectrum of electrical and electronic equipment and appliances. These range from satellite communication and space development, communication and information processing technologies, energy, industrial technologies, consumer electronics to building and transportation equipment.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a forward looking, progressive modern company has boldly recognised and embraced green technologies which goes great lengths to enrich our lives. Its corporate environmental statement - Eco Changes as well as its corporate statement, Change for the better, is indicative of its progressive mindset.
In the fiscal year ended 31st March 2015, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation recorded a consolidated group sales of 4,323 billion yen. Given the USD to Yen exchange ratio at 1:120*, this would translate to $36 billion.
*The exchange rate has been provided by the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market as on 31st March 2015.