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MoHo: A Collective Place to Change the World!


We created Moho as a response to the challenges afflicting our planet. Global issues like climate change, immigration, economy and even democracy are threatening the future that we will leave our children. Back in 2014, with Olivier Cotinat, we decided together that it wasn't impossible for us to not do anything about it. That's how we thought up of Moho.

In 2020, the health situation is triggering a major economic and social crisis intensifying precariousness in some parts of the population, thereby fuelling distrust towards our leaders and institutions, and paving the way to a rise in extremism.

The declining European economic legitimacy and the odd 1930s déjà vu have unfortunately proved to be realities today.

At the same time and auspiciously, we are also seeing that younger people and students refuse to be passive players of capitalism by dabbling at entrepreneurship. We notice that social entrepreneurship is on the rise and henceforth companies think beyond the CSR. In addition, many citizens seek to adopt more responsible ways of life. A form of resistance is alive and kicking and is paving the way for change.

These are facts already acknowledged 6 years ago. It is essential to pay attention to this upsurge. We believe in the power of the community to obtain tangible results. We are convinced that it is key to find a strong symbol to connect these wills together. Such a symbol became evident to us and it surfaced from our history: the Normandy Landings. We realised it constituted the remarkable example of a collective which took action to deflect the course of history and ensure liberty.

As the year 2020 comes to an end, our project is emerging and can play its full role.

Today, we are encouraging companies, students, startups, researchers, NGOs and citizens to get involved with us to deflect the course of history once again.

We are aware that this deflection in the course of events cannot possibly occur within a few months however two approaches are possible:
  • Transforming ourselves and our habits, altering services, business models and interactions between suppliers and customers, limiting our ecological footprint ...
  • Helping social stakeholders to financially support organisations lacking resources, to enable them to act and not leave the responsibility solely on local authorities.
These two complementary approaches have been materialised in our future site:
  • A space for members (6000 m2) contributing to our self-financing ability through the rental of workspaces and other areas devised for special events and the development of innovation programmes or business transformation projects.
  • A public free space (1500 m2) for civil society permitting to host, facilitate and finance initiatives providing activities of general interest with five priorities: access to education for all, entrepreneurship, environmentally friendly practices, health, art and culture.
Corporations and small businesses, you are invited to join us. We are encouraging you to think about this question with us: What are we actually willing to change?

Nicolas Geray, Co-founder MoHo
Nicolas Geray, Co-founder MoHo