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Moderna claims 37-fold increase in omicron antibody levels after booster vaccine


Moderna has presented preliminary data on the effect of a booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine on protection against the omicron strain. Antibody levels increase 37-fold after a single booster dose and 83-fold after a double dose.

Governor Tom Wolf
Governor Tom Wolf
The currently approved booster dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine (50 micrograms) increases antibody levels to the omicron strain by a factor of 37 compared to those seen after two doses, the company said. The manufacturer notes that it reached these conclusions based on preliminary data and is now preparing a preprint of the study.

Moderna has also tested the body's response to a double dose of its 100 micrograms of the drug and found an 83-fold increase in anti-Omicron antibodies compared to levels after two doses of the same drug. It is specified that this result for both dosage variants was achieved on day 29 after the shot.

The booster dose is generally safe and well tolerated, the manufacturer points out. According to its data, the frequency and nature of side effects seven days after revaccination were comparable to those observed after the first two doses. Moderna noted, however, that side effects were more frequent after the double booster dose.

source: forbes.com