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Moldova asks EU for extra financial support


Because of the energy and economic issues, Moldova's president, Maia Sandu, has requested further financial assistance from the European Union for the country's budget.

Andrei Szocs
Andrei Szocs
"We continue to request greater budget support from the EU in the face of growing prices, particularly in the context of rising energy prices," Sandu told TVR Moldova.

She also stated that Moldova is interested in attracting European investments in order to boost the country's energy sector.

"We're also talking to the EU about raising quotas for products that can't be sold on the eastern market because we need new markets. A technical answer is available, but this problem also requires a political solution," Sandu said.

Earlier, the president of Moldova requested that European partners open their markets to Moldovan goods, citing the fact that exports to the east have become impossible owing to the situation in Ukraine. The government intends to conclude an agreement with the European Free Trading Association to liberalize its trade rules (EFTA).

source: reuters.com