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More Than 2,500 New Permanent Recruitments to be Made by Amazon in 2016 in UK


More Than 2,500 New Permanent Recruitments to be Made by Amazon in 2016 in UK
As Amazon expands across the country, it will create more than 2,500 permanent jobs in the UK this year.
By the end of 2016, the US based on line retailer’s workforce in Britain would reach a total of 14,500 by this addition of employees.
The hiring by the company would be done for its head office in London, at three research and development centers in Cambridge, Edinburgh and London, at its customer service center in Edinburgh and at warehouses across the country.
The new UK data center region of the company, in addition to Frankfurt and Dublin, which will launch early next year, would also hire some people. The data center would be opened in 2017.
Amazon claimed that it had invested more than £4.6bn in the UK since 2010. This US retailer had overtaken Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the world last year. However avoiding taxes has been the main criticism against the company over the years. While investigating other multinationals, the European commission is investigating a sweetheart tax deal secured by Amazon in Luxembourg in 2003.
More than 5,000 employees would be housed in Amazon’s new head office to be situated in Old Street, central London and planned to be opened up by next year.
“Amazon’s continued investment in the UK is very welcome news and a further demonstration that the UK is a great destination for innovative industries to invest and do business. These new permanent jobs will build on the UK’s record levels of employment and give added security to working people across the country – from app developers in Edinburgh to fashion photographers in London,” the business secretary, Sajid Javid said.
“Britain has a world-class tech sector with a reputation for innovation and excellence. These new jobs we are creating ... are testament to the quality of the workforce in the UK and our confidence in its economy, which we are proud to support through our continued investments,” Christopher North, the managing director of Amazon UK said.
Boosting Amazon’s overall 40,000 workforce the move forms part of plans to create several thousand new jobs in Europe this year. Last year, it hired 10,000 people, a 50% increase on 2014.
In order to work on and further develop the company website, mobile apps, voice recognition technology and cloud services, Amazon will be recruiting more computer scientists and software developers at its 12 research and development centers across Europe.
With the aim to get into direct competition to the UK's established supermarkets, Amazon is preparing to beef up its household goods and groceries service, Pantry. As it steps up its attack on the high street, Amazon has also recently announced it would allow customers to pay in installments. Claiming the last year the company had created 10,000 jobs across Europe, Amazon says it is the highest number of jobs it has ever created in a single year in the region.
According to the Institute of Customer Service, Amazon this week topped the list of best companies for customer service in the UK.


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