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NASA orders Lockheed Martin to build spacecraft to fly to the Moon


Lockheed Martin is due to build between 6 and 12 Orion spaceships under the Artemis program by September 30, 2030. The contract with the company was concluded by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The program also includes landing on the moon of a woman and a man by 2024.

The cost of the first two spaceships is estimated at $ 2.7 billion; they should be delivered within three years. Three more ships worth $ 1.9 billion may appear at NASA by 2022.

“This contract will ensure Orion’s production for the next decade, which demonstrates NASA’s desire to ensure a stable presence on the moon and prepare for the sending of astronauts to Mars,” said NASA chief Jim Bridenstine. Another goal of the program is the reuse of ship components.

Recall, US President Donald Trump demanded to send Americans to the moon “at any cost” before 2024, he promised to allocate $ 1.6 billion for these purposes. President wants the United States to return to space "on a grand scale."

source: nasa.gov