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Nearly 40% of US companies attacked by hackers lose over $100K


According to a study by the computer security firm Atlas VPN, 37% of American businesses who become the targets of successful hacker attacks suffer losses of over $100,000 as a result of these attacks.

The report's authors examined information from an annual Keeper Security poll in which 516 leading IT decision makers took part.

The percentage of businesses that suffer additional financial losses as a result of hacker assaults is high: 11% lose $500 thousand to $1 million, 4% lose more than $1 million. Only 14% of businesses reported losses of under $5,000.

In addition to immediate financial losses, cyberattacks often have other detrimental effects on businesses.
31% of respondents brought up attack-related difficulties in collaboration with partners and clients, and another 31% referenced financial information theft. 28% mentioned reputational harm brought on by cyberattacks.

A typical American corporation is targeted by hackers 42 times a year, and 3 of those attacks are successful, according to Atlas VPN researchers.

source: atlasvpn.com