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Nestle Begins Sale Of Starbucks-Labeled Coffee In China


Nestle Begins Sale Of Starbucks-Labeled Coffee In China
The recent shooting related killings in more than one incident in the United States has prompted US retailing firm Walmart to order removal of all displays that show violent video games at its stores. However the company plans to continue selling of the controversial video games as well as guns.
This changed policy is however will not applicable to the sale or display of actual firearms. Walmart, the largest retailer of the US as well as the world, is also one of the biggest sellers of guns and ammunition in the world.
Previously, Walmart stores contained large displays that showed and promoted the violent video games which demonstrated how the games were played. For some shoppers at the stores, the sound of the soundtrack of those games could conceivably be mistaken as actual gunshots. Following two recent fatal shootings at Walmarts in Texas and Mississippi, Walmart and its customers are particularly sensitive to gun shot sounds.
"We've taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week, and this action does not reflect a long-term change in our video game assortment," said Walmart spokesperson Tara House.
Playing violent movies and shows on televisions in its electronics section would also be stopped by the company. Similarly, the sports and goods section of the company stores would also stop playing hunting videos. Walmart passed on this instructions through a memo to managers at its stores which were displayed publicly first over social media on Thursday.
Prior to the sending of the memo, the Walmart CEO Doug McMillon had made a statement earlier in the week wherein he pledged to undertake a "thoughtful and deliberate" reaction to the shootings. "We will work to understand the many important issues that arise from El Paso and Southaven, as well as those that have been raised in the broader national discussion around gun violence," McMillon said in a memo to employees.
However, a number of studies have found no link between the violent games and the actual violent behavior the led to the shooting, even though there have been some public officials, including US President Donald Trump, who had directly accused the violent video games to be the reason for the increase in gun violence.
Walmart has been pleaded to stop selling gins completely by many people. The sale of guns at the stores has also been objected to be by even some of the employees of Walmart.
The company does not sell any form of assault style rifles and it also does not sell handguns at any of its stores outside of Alaska. The company also has a policy of not selling any weapons to any customer below the age of 21 years. Following the Sandy Hook shooting in 2015, sale of assault rifles was completely stopped by Walmart. And last year, following last year’s shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the company altered its policy over age of the customers.