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Nestle sales grow in the first half of 2022


One of the biggest producers of food and beverages in the world, Nestle SA, said that its sales increased 9.1% year over year to 45.58 billion Swiss francs ($47.4 billion) in the first half of the year.

According to the press release, organic sales increase was 8.1 percent.

While this was happening, sales in the Americas area increased 6.8% to $12.6 billion (Fr).

Sales increased 2.1 percent to 9.3 billion Swiss francs ($9.6 billion) in South Asia, Oceania, and Sub-Saharan Africa). Additionally, sales in Europe reached 9.3 billion francs ($9.6 billion), a 2.1 percent increase. Sales in Latin America increased 4.2 percent to $5.9 billion (5.7 billion Swiss Francs).

Nestle projects 7-9 percent annual organic sales growth.

source: bloomberg.com