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Nissan management accelerates preparation of secret plan to leave alliance with Renault


Top managers of Nissan Motor Co have stepped up preparation of a secret plan to exit the alliance with Renault after the ex-head of both companies Carlos Ghosn fled from Japan, the Financial Times writes.

Rian Castillo via flickr
Rian Castillo via flickr
The plan provides for a complete refusal to cooperate with Renault both in the development of cars and in their production, according to the newspaper sources.

Information about Nissan's impending breakup with Renault is yet another testament to the serious tensions between the two automakers.

Despite attempts to improve relations made by both companies, the alliance with Renault has become detrimental to Nissan, sources say. According to them, many top managers of Nissan believe that the alliance with Renault impedes the development of the Japanese automaker.

The collapse of the alliance is likely to force both companies to seek new partners in the automotive industry, while other representatives of this sector are trying to join forces amid rising costs for the development of electric vehicles, writes FT. So, PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) last year signed a merger agreement, and Volkswagen and Ford agreed to create an alliance, too.

In November last year, Renault and Nissan agreed on a number of programs to optimize their collaboration. In the coming weeks, the head of the alliance’s operational council, Jean-Dominique Senard, who chairs Renault’s board of directors, is planning to announce the launch of several joint projects designed to show that the alliance continues to function.

Senar, who succeeded Ghosn as head of the board of directors of Renault, doubted that the alliance would survive, but hoped that a change of leadership in both companies would restore their relationship.

FT’s sources in the Nissan management reported that the new Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida is working with Senar to launch new projects.

Ghosn, who was under investigation in Japan, reportedly fled to Lebanon at the end of December. Ghosn performed a complex operation, flying from Japan to Istanbul in a private plane, on board of which he was carried in a case for sound equipment. In Istanbul, Ghosn was transferred to another plane, bringing him to Lebanon.

source: ft.com