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No Action On Titanium Sponge Imports In The U.S.


U.S. govt to open talks with Japan on access to titanium sponge for emergencies.

U.S. President Donald Trump has decided that no action will be taken on imports of
titanium sponge, a key component in military aircraft, following a Commerce Department
investigation which found that such imports hurt U.S. makers of the material and threaten
national security.
According to a memo signed by Trump, 94.4% percent of titanium sponge imported into
the U.S in 2018 came from Japan – a U.S. ally.
The United States has β€œan important security relationship with Japan,” reads the memo.
Rather than use tariffs, Trump has agreed with a Commerce Department recommendation
which calls for the United States to open talks with Japan on measures to ensure access
to titanium sponge in emergencies.