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North Korean Sanction On The South Could Be Lifted Through Discussions


There are hopes of ending sanctions on South Korea, whereby the North will hold discussions with each other.

The sanction imposed on South Korea following the naval attack in the year of 2010 can be lifted, informed the South on Wednesday. It is ready to hold discussion to consider “North Korea's demand”. The news came following the day when the two nations, potential rivals, “struck a landmark pact” defusing the standoff between the two arm forces.
On Tuesday, North and the South have both come to the agreement of opening “a new channel of dialogue” between them. Furthermore, North Korea regretted “a landmine incident” that “wounded South Korean soldiers” while the South has consented on ending the broadcast of “anti-North Korea propaganda” beyond the “border loudspeakers”. JeongJoon-hee, the spokesperson of Unification Ministry of South Korea, stated:
"When talks get under way, we think the May 24 issue will be raised by the North which has an interest in it, and I think it can be handled through dialogue”.
The “May 24 issue” referred by Jeong, indicated the incident of the 24th May 2010, whereby South Korea put a sanction on the North by cutting off most of their exchanges which dealt with trade, tourism and other such “private aid” as it held the North responsible for “a torpedo attack on a navy ship that killed 46 sailors”. However, North Korea denied any such charges and maintained that it was not involved in the attack, thus the call for the sanction lift were issued even “before any talks could begin”.
According to Reuters’ reports:
“South Korea had demanded an apology from the North as a precondition for lifting the sanctions, but has appeared to relax its stance since late last year amid rising domestic sentiment in favor of re-engaging with the North”.
The accord set by the two countries for holding talks that was decided after the clock struck the mid-night hours on Tuesday, would look into the pledge of both the nations to “discuss a range of issues on improving ties”.
Source(s): http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/26/us-northkorea-southkorea-idUSKCN0QV08G20150826

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