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Norway’s 44% January Market Share Comes From EV Sales


The largest electric vehicle market records a rise on “year on year” sale category.

Data from the “Norwegian Road Federation” revealed that in January 2020, the electric cars sales in Norway accounted for the country’s “44.3%” new car sales. The said figure has risen on “year on year” category but it failed to matched the “50-60% range the industry forecast for 2020”.
Last year, in January, the electric cars’ sale contributed to “37.8% of sales in the Nordic country” while it continued to rise in the following month to a “42.4% market share for the full year”. Norway seeks to phase out the “combustion-engine cars” sale within the next five years’ time. Likewise, Norway has introduced an exemption on “battery powered” cars as oppose to the petrol and diesel based ones.
Thanks to this policy, Norway ranks as the largest global user of electric vehicles, whereby turning into a “valuable testing ground” for auto manufacturers looking to “promote new models”.
In the month of January, the “fully-electric e-tron sports utility vehicle” of Audi occupied the top-selling car’s slot in the country.While, Reuters reported that:
“Audi delivered 902 electric SUVs, ahead of Renault’s Zoe with 533 cars and Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) Golf with 511”.
Last year, the “mid-sized Model 3” of Tesla turned out to be the “most popular car” of the country, whereby selling nearly “15,700 vehicles” over period of a year which racked up an eleven percent share of the market.
In fact, Tesla has also announced that would be delivering early its “Model Y” which happens to be a “crossover utility vehicle”, while other auto makers like Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Daimler and Ford continue to rise the competition.