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Norwegian Equinor closes part of Sleipner field


The Sleipner field was partially shut down owing to a gas leak, according to the Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor.

"On the Sleipner A platform, a closed location near a turbine was found to have a gas leak on the morning of July 11. The situation was discovered shortly. Work is being done to restart operations safely," the company declared in a statement.

"The malfunction has been localized and will be repaired," Norwegian state gas transportation company Gassco said in turn.

Last week Equinor reported about its plans to suspend production at a number of fields, including Sleipner, starting from June 9. No reasons were given at that time.

As noted in the report, in the process of resuming production late Monday night there was an additional gas leak at the Sleipner R platform. None of the personnel were injured in any of these incidents, the company assured.

source: reuters.com