Daily Management Review

Number of air travel in EU this summer remains below 2019 levels


According to the EU statistics office (Eurostat), the number of commercial flights inside the European Union grew this summer compared to the previous year, although it is still lower than it was before to the pandemic in 2019.

June saw a 6.9% increase in air travel compared to the same month previous year; July saw a 7.4% increase, and August saw a 6.6% increase. At that, the declines were 10.4%, 9%, and 8.5%, respectively, in relation to the same months in 2019.

September saw a continuation of this pattern. According to Eurostat, there were 8.9% fewer flights in September 2019 than there were in the same month the previous year, despite a 7.9% increase in flights overall.

Just six nations saw more flights last month than they did in September 2019: Greece (10.9% more than in September 2019), Portugal (+9%), Cyprus (+5.9%), Croatia (+2.6%), Ireland (+1.4%), and Malta (+0.7%). The countries with the lowest rates were Estonia (-25.4%), Finland (-30.2%), and Latvia (-30.4%).

Commercial aviation, according to Eurostat, include mail, freight, and passenger flights.

source: ec.europa.eu