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Number of hungry people in the world rises by third in one year


The number of people at danger of hunger increased by a third in a single year and reached 258 million.

Feed My Starving Children
Feed My Starving Children
According to a research by the Global Network Against Food Crises (GNAFC), the number of individuals in 58 countries experiencing life-threatening hunger increased by a third in a single year. Since 2018, when there were 112.7 million people suffering from hunger, the number has been growing steadily.

In 2022, residents of seven nations—Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Haiti, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso—were starving, with devastating results, according to the GNAFC.

The top 10 countries and territories where the greatest number of people are experiencing a food security crisis, according to the organization, include Ukraine, home to 8.9 million people, or one-fourth of the nation's population. The invasion of Russia has had a significant negative influence on Ukraine's economy, affecting the livelihoods of its citizens, while unemployment and rising food and heating costs are lowering the country's purchasing power.

According to the GNAFC report, in terms of the number of nations experiencing hunger, economic instability surpassed violence in 2022 as the primary cause of acute food shortages worldwide (27).

source: fightfoodcrises.net