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Only Three Months Left To Host Olympics 2016, Brazil Tries To Contain Zika Virus Cases


Brazil plans to eradicate the source to put an end to Zika victims’ cases.

As per Brazil’s confirmation, the country so far registered “91,387 cases of Zika”, which included “7,584 pregnant women” resulting in a risk of giving birth to babies with “birth defects”.
The statement coming from the Health Ministry informed that the number of Zika incident amounts to “44.7 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants” of Brazil, reported the EEF News.
The said virus was first detected in the month of April 2015, while the figures demonstrate a “rapid spread” of the same, which has now reached all the twenty seven Brazilian states.
The initial cases were recorded in the region of northeast, an “impoverished” region of the country. However, at present, the populated and well developed southeast region is witnessing most of the Zika infection victims, whereby “35,505 cases” alone were reported from this region in comparison to “30,286” that were reported from the north-eastern region.
Moreover, the states of Rio de Janeiro, which will be hosting the Olympics Games for the year of 2016 within next three months time, “has been hit the hardest” by Zika, as “25,930 cases” have been recorded so far, while so far “three deaths” were confirmed to be directly caused by Zika related issues.
In fact, TOI also added:
“Between October 22, 2015, and April 16, 1,168 cases of microcephaly were confirmed in Brazil, while another 3,741 possible cases are still under study.
“Out of all the microcephaly cases confirmed, the relation between the deformity and Zika has been established in 192 of them”.
The virus of Zika originated from the “Aedes aegypti mosquito”, the ones which are also responsible for causing Chikungunya and Dengue. It is contain the threat of Zika, especially after discovering the “relation between the virus and microcephaly” and to eradicate the source, the Health Ministry declared “a state of emergency nationwide” in the month of November 2015.