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Over 90% of SMEs in China resume work in May


As of Monday, May 18, about 91% of medium and small enterprises in China have resumed work, which was suspended due to the pandemic of the coronavirus infection COVID-19, according to official data.

From the point of view of industries, 93% of companies resumed their activities in the manufacturing and construction sectors, and 87% in the hotel and restaurant sector and catering, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of China at a press conference.

China has taken a number of measures to support SMEs that have been hit hardest by the epidemic, including lowering the reserve requirements of banks, as well as providing 2.85 trillion yuan ($ 400 billion) of borrowed funds to medium, small, microenterprises, and individual entrepreneurs. The country will continue to apply political incentives and increase financial support for these enterprises, Xinhua News Agency reported.

In mainland China, two new cases of the active course of diseases caused by coronavirus and 31 asymptomatic patients were registered over the past 24 hours, the State Committee for Health of China announced earlier on Thursday on its official website. One of the active cases was imported from abroad to Guangdong, one inside the country was detected in Shanghai.

Of the asymptomatic cases inside the country, 28 were recorded, three were "imported", 375 asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus are under medical supervision. Over the past day in China, not a single fatal outcome associated with coronavirus has been recorded.

source: reuters.com