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PPG Industries makes strategic progress towards achieving its 2020 sustainability goals


PPG Industries has made steady and consistent efforts towards reaching its 2020 sustainable goals. Its Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2014, can be viewed online.

Like its slogan ‘Bringing innovation to the surface‘, Ohio based PPG Industry is a world leader in painting technology that consistently delivers sustainable yet innovative solutions which are of high quality, which customers use to protect and beautify their much valued products and surroundings. Founded in 1883, PPG Industries has its headquarters in Pittsburgh and has business operations in almost 70 countries across the globe.
Its provided value added services to its customers who typically are in consumer products, construction, or transportation and industrial markets. It also provides them with aftermarket solutions that enhances their surfaces in multiple ways and more importantly which are better than its competitors; no wonder it had a turnover of $15.4 billion in 2014
Keeping in view with its stated 2020 sustainability goals, PPG industries was happy to announced that it is making steady progress towards their fulfillment. PPG Industries goals can be viewed online in its Corporate Sustainability Report for 2014.
Its CSR Report for 2014 mentions that not only has PPG Industries made significant improvements towards being energy efficient and increasing the safety, well-being and health of its employees, but it has also clocked 27% of its sales from sustainable products, which is an increase of 21%, when compared to the previous year.
“Sustainable innovation has driven PPG’s research and development portfolio throughout our history. Our customers are seeking coatings products that address a variety of sustainability considerations. From the very beginning, we’ve been positioned to find solutions that make customers’ lives easier and benefit the environment at the same time,” says Charles F. Kahle II, PPG’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Coatings Research and Development.
Not one to rest on its laurels, PPG Industries has also made significant progress towards achieving its stated 2020 sustainability goals. The following are only but a few noteworthy examples which are highlighted:
  • It has managed to cut down on energy intensity by as much as 15% from 2012 levels
  • Greenhouse gas emission have been controlled by 12% since 2012
  • It has managed to cut down on illness and injury rates of its employees by 17% from 2012. IN 2013, this further dipped by 5%.
  • By the end of 2014, it implemented a wellness program at more than 85% of its manufacturing facilities, which is a 10% jump from 2013 levels.
  • It implemented a community engagement framework programme at more than half of its company-wide sites, which is a 48% jump when compared to figures from 2013.
  • In 2014, it generously disbursed more than $5.7 million as charitable contributions.

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