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Philip Morris plans to stop producing conventional cigarettes in the future


According to Markus Essing, head of the group's German branch, the company wants to provide customers with less damaging alternatives.

Tobacco corporation Philip Morris plans to eventually stop producing traditional cigarettes and provide smokers with healthier options, told the company's German branch Managing Director Markus Essing.

By 2025, he stated, "We want to persuade more than 40 million smokers worldwide to switch to less harmful substitutes." According to him, this translates to around 50% of turnover of products like the IQOS (tobacco heating system) and others.

Essing asserted that traditional cigarettes are being phased out. When asked about the precise date the company intends to stop making them entirely, he responded "as soon as possible".

According to a Forsa opinion poll, number of young cigarette users has increased dramatically in Germany since the coronavirus pandemic, with 11% of respondents aged 16 to 29 characterizing themselves as heavy smokers. The rise was 83% compared to numbers prior to the pandemic.

source: bild.de