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Porsche, Boeing set to develop flying electric car


German automobile concern Porsche aims to develop a new premium aircraft together with the American aviation company Boeing. According to the press service of Porsche, the new car can be operated in urban environment.

The new device will be a flying car with vertical take-off and landing. As a power unit, the device will be equipped with an electric motor.

Porsche and Boeing plan to create an international group of experts and developers, which will study the various aspects of air transport in cities and cities, as well as distribution of urban traffic in the airspace.

Porsche has conducted a study that predicts the rapid growth of the urban air transport market in 2025. The company associates this with the fact that modern airplanes are much faster and more efficient in passenger transportation relative to other modes of transport.

The manufacturing company sees low costs as an additional advantage of new flying devices when operating such devices.

source: theverge.com