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Premium champagne rises by 34% in a year amid investor interest


Vintage champagne wines, such as Dom Perignon and Krug, have risen by almost 34% over the year on the back of investor interest. Premium wines have even outpaced some stock markets in terms of price growth.

Premium champagne wines, such as Dom Perignon 2008 and Krug 2000, have risen markedly in value this year, outpacing even the growth of some stock indices, the Financial Times reports.

According to the Liv-ex Champagne 50 Index, in the first 11 months of this year the premium champagne has risen by 33.7%. At the same time, the FTSE All World stock index, which tracks shares of companies in developed and emerging markets, rose 15 per cent.  More than half of this year's increase in the Champagne Index came at the end of the year, in October and November. 

Champagne is rising in price thanks to increased buyer interest and limited supply, says the FT. Demand is up thanks to an increase in activity by traditional investors and wine lovers, boosted by the arrival of so-called Grower Champagnes, that is, champagnes produced by vineyard-owners, said Oeno Group winemaking director Justin Knock. Demand has also increased markedly in the US, where investors have been spending more on expensive wine following rising returns on their portfolios.

source: ft.com