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Private Retailer Spichers Appliance opts to recycle responsibly


As per available research data, consumers are increasingly choosing to buy from retailers who recycle responsibly. Spichers Appliance is one such retailer who has voluntarily opted to do so by partnering with GE Appliance’s recycler, AAP and EPA’s RAD.

It appears that GE Appliance’s recycling efforts has had a positive impact on others: Spichers Appliance, has decided to follow GE Appliance’s example, and has vowed to recycle more than 10,000 appliances annually through GE’s own recycling program.
Spichers Appliance is a family owned business concern that operates from Hagertown, Md. By joining the other larger retailers who have a recycling approach, Spichers has shown lots of maturity by the fact that it is an ecologically conscious company. By using the same recycling service provider as GE Appliances, i.e – ARCA Advanced Processing, Spichers Appliance is the first independent retailer who has opted for a comprehensive recycling service in the Philadelphia area.
“When you step back and look at it from the perspective of the environment and the future, it’s the right thing to do. 20-30 year-old appliances are energy hogs. We need to get these old appliances off the grid,” said CEO and owner Curt Spicher.
Consumers prefer retailers who recycle
The appliances whose parts cannot be scavenged, such as refrigerant or other materials and substances, or those that cannot be resold are sent to an industrial shredder. Typically, when traditional recycling methods are utilized, approximately 55 pounds of a refrigerator ends up in a landfill. However, for those appliances which are recycled through GE Appliances’ Product Recycling Program through AAP, less than 8 pounds ends up in the landfill. AAP’s recycling methodology thus reduces landfill wastage by almost 85%.
Brian Conners, AAP’s President and COO says, “Where a consumer makes an appliance purchase can now have a powerful environmental impact. You are making a responsible choice when you purchase from a retailer like Spichers Appliance who is part of a responsible appliance recycling program such as ours.”
As per data available from GE Appliances’ research, 3 out of 4 would prefer a thorough recycling program. And 82% of people recycle conscious and are willing to drive an extra mile so as to buy from a recycling retailer.
Smart recycling
Thanks to GE Appliances’ partnering with AAP for its Product Recycling Program, more than 19 million pounds of materials have been saved from the landfill and has been smartly recycled. “We celebrate Spichers Appliance’s decision to collaborate in the recycling initiative.  And invite others to follow their lead in recycling by joining the GE Appliances’ Product Recycling Program.” says GE Appliances’ General Manager of Distribution and Services - Mark Shirkness.
Spichers Appliances has not only tied up with GE Appliance’s recycling Service provider AAP, but additionally it has also partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. RAD is the EPA’s responsible disposal program for appliances that contain refrigerant. It is not a mandatory program, it is a voluntary one.