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Protests in France gain the greatest scale since 2010


Parisian Monde notes very high activity of participants in the protest demonstrations held in France on Thursday as part of a nationwide strike.

Babu via flickr
Babu via flickr
The newspaper writes that the statistics on participation in protests by trade unions and the police are always different. The organizers of the demonstrations usually indicate numbers of participants above the official. But this time, says Monde, it is clear even from the data of the police prefectures that the protest mobilization of French society was very high.

More than 800 thousand people participated in demonstrations against pension reform in more than 100 cities in France.

“This is a very strong mobilization both in the public sector and in the private,” said the Secretary General of France’s largest trade union, the General Confederation of Labor, Philippe Martinez.

According to the leader of another major French trade union association, Force Uvrier, Yves Veyrier, such activity seems to be "a rare scale, unprecedented since 2010 and 1995."

Monde gives examples of official estimates by the authorities of the number of French protesters in several cities of the country.

About 65 thousand people took to the streets of Paris. 33 thousand participated in the action in Toulouse, 25 thousand - in Marseille, 20 thousand - in Bordeaux, 19 thousand - in Nantes, 15 thousand - in Clermont-Ferrand, from 12 to 13 thousand in the cities of Lille, Rouen , Grenoble, at least 10 thousand - in Tours, Rennes, Brest, Saint-Etienne, Bayonne and Poe, 9 thousand each - in Strasbourg, Perpignan, Limoges, Saint-Nazaire and Caen.

As a result, entire sectors of the economy and various levels of administration worked on Thursday in a strongly inhibited mode, and traffic was severely impaired.

The reform, due to which the French took to the streets, is meant to abolish special categories for representatives of a number of professions that allow them to retire earlier or receive increased payments due to the difficult working conditions. 

source: lemonde.fr