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Quad Countries Will Focus On Supply Chains Development For Clean-Energy: Australia PM


According to Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the United States, Japan, India, and Australia would collaborate with each other as well as with other countries to strengthen the security of global supply chains for vital technologies such as renewable energy as well as for alleviating a worldwide semiconductor shortage.
The Quad nations agreed on a cooperation to safeguard vital infrastructure during their first in-person meeting on Friday in Washington, according to comments about the meeting from the White House.
According to a transcript provided by his administration on Saturday, Morrison told reporters following the meeting achieving the aims of the Quad will involve integrating Australia's raw minerals with manufacturing and processing skills, as well as end consumers in the United States, India, and Japan.
Outside of China, Australia is the largest producer of rare earth minerals in the world, as well as a large source of the critical minerals needed for making electric car batteries, such as nickel, copper, and cobalt.
The leaders of the four countries also called on the world for establishing a rule-based behavior in the Asia-Pacific region, where China has been showcasing its strength, even though none of the leaders explicitly mentioned China.
The organization has been described by China as one that is "doomed to fail."
The other Quad leaders praised Australia's efforts in delivering essential minerals "because that is a crucial supply for the various industries and processing activities that they operate themselves," according to Morrison.
"On critical minerals, Australia is one of the biggest producers, but we believe we can play a bigger role in a critical supply chain that is supporting the technologies of the future," Morrison said.
According to Morrison, Australia will hold a clean energy supply chain summit next year with the goal of developing a blueprint for developing such critical supply chains throughout the Indo-Pacific region.
According to Morrison, the Quad also addressed issues on how to better ensure global supply of semiconductors, as the supply issues of the chips needed to make cars and other electronic products have forced global automakers and other manufacturers to curtail output owing to a shortfall which has been exacerbated by a resurgence of Covid-19 outbr5eaks in some of the major semiconductor production centres in Asia.
"This is an ecosystem we want to create and we want to do that... in the region," he said.