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Rare 1970's Whiskey From Glenmorangie to be Sold at $50,000 a Bottle


Rare 1970's Whiskey From Glenmorangie to be Sold at $50,000 a Bottle
Three bottles of 1970’s batch of Glenmorangie whiskey in the US would be sold for $50,000. These are part of the company’s set of 10 bottles, the last bottles remaining on Earth form the 1970’s Collection, is loved for its exceptional single malt scotch.

“It’s like tasting a piece of history,” says  Dr. Bill Lumsden, the head of distilling and whisky creation at Glenmorangie.

A glimpse of the expensive aged single malt whiskey can be had at the Glenmorangie House in New York City’s Meatpacking District. These whiskeys are considered to be among the world’s rarest and most expensive whisky sets.

However one would only be able to view one of the 10 bottles at present as the company is very possessive about this batch of whiskey - its 1970s Collection.

Glenmorangie is slated to produce 6 million litres of single malt whiskey this year.

However scouring shuttered distilleries for rare whisky or holding on to special batches for momentous final releases has become a trend for the modern makers of whiskey.

Glenmorangie, which has been making whiskey since 1843, sells whiskey that are at least 10 years old. The maker is known for its devotion to crafting single malt whiskies of exquisite finesse and complexity all around the globe.

After years of blends dominating the market, 1970s was a particularly exciting decade at the distillery as the single malt whiskey came back into demand and replaced demand for the blended whiskeys.

The collection contains a range of 5 types of whiskeys which were manufactured between from 1971 and 1977, a period in the history of the company that is denoted by change and evolution at the famous distillery.

This is also the first time that the 1975 and 1976 vintages would be released while the remaining three- the 1971, The Glenmorangie Tain L’Hermitage 1975 and 1977, are rebottled editions of pre-released special edition whiskies.

The 1971 batch as originally released in 1993 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the distillery and the particular bottle that is up for sale is 26 year old and shows off the dexterity of the distillers who skilfully blended the use of both sherry and bourbon barrels for the maturation process. The fact that at least a portion of this full-bodied whisky was matured or a period in Oloroso sherry casks is evident from the traces of butterscotch on the palate.
“That smell of damp dog when it comes in and ruins your new beige carpet. That’s what I mean by old whisky: I find the aroma deeply intriguing,” said Lumsden.
The 1975, 19-yr old whiskey is the first time release by the distillery and is also drawn from stocks aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, revealing a signature Glenmorangie personality with initial sweetness of Highland fudge and butterscotch.
Rich fruity and full-bodied scotch matured in American oak before being transferred to casks that had previously held the finest wines from Tain L’Hermitage in the Northern Rhone Valley in France is the speciality of the 1975 Tain L’Hermitage bottle

The whiskey bottle from the 1976 batch of the distiller comes on peppery and then yields to unexpected flavours of honeysuckle, melon and blood orange while the bottle from 1977 was distilled between April and June of that year and matured in American white oak casks.


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