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Record high temperature observed in Antarctica


For the first time, scientists recorded temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius in Antarctica. However, they see no connection between this phenomenon and global warming.

Scientists have recorded a record high temperature in Antarctica. According to AFP agency on the night of Friday, February 14, the air of the continent of Antarctica warmed up there to 20.75 degrees Celsius for the first time in the history.

It is reported that the temperature was measured at a polar station located on an island near the northern tip of the mainland as part of a project launched 20 years ago to study the effects of climate warming on permafrost.

At the same time, Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaefer told reporters that the record high temperatures in Antarctica are not related to global warming. He called the measurement "data obtained at a particular moment and not part of a long-term study."

Nevertheless, the news that the temperature in the Antarctic has crossed the border at 20 degrees is likely to increase fears associated with overheating of the planet, AFP agency notes. The accelerating melting of glaciers in Antarctica leads to an increase in sea level, which, in turn, poses a threat to cities and small island peoples located on the coast, journalists recall.

According to the UN, the last decade was the warmest in Antarctica, with 2016 being the hottest year. 2019 is in second place in this regard. The first month of 2020 also became the warmest January for all the time of temperature observations in the Antarctic.

source: theguardian.com