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Rohingya Refugees To Be Taken Back Into Myanmar From Bangladesh After An Agreement Signed Between The Two Countries


Rohingya Refugees To Be Taken Back Into Myanmar From Bangladesh After An Agreement Signed Between The Two Countries
Despite the fears that the powerful military of Myanmar could obstruct any attempts to  \bring back Rohingya Muslims into the country, an accord between the government of Bangladesh that Myanmar has been signed to allow the refugees into Myanmar from Bangladesh. The agreement also details the terms of return of the refugees.
The military of Myanmar had been accused by multiple rights global groups of inflicting atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims that include mass rape and other atrocities while conducting a counter-insurgency operation that has initiated in the month of April in reply of some attacks by Rohingya militants in the state of Rakhine. There are also sectarian sentients against the Rohingya Muslims in a predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. The Burmese government do not consider the Rohingya to be citizens of the country and have restricted their access to basic rights such as health and education
The atrocities came to light after top UN officials in the early days of the humanitarian crisis had called it an act of “ethnic cleansing” by the Myanmar military and on Wednesday, the U.S. government too had echoed in that same voice and had termed the military operation that resulted in more than 620,000 Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh 0 which is predominantly Muslim populated, as being ‘ethnic cleansing”. 
While on one hand, Bangladesh seek sot ensure that overstrained immigrant sites that have swollen in the Cox’s Bazar region do not turn into permanent ones, the Burmese government – also known as Myanmar – wants to reduce some of the international pressure on it by etching an initial agreement about thee returns of the refugees.
 “We are ready to take them back as soon as possible after Bangladesh sends the forms back to us,” Myint Kyaing, a permanent secretary at Burma’s ministry of labor, immigration and population, said while referring to forms the Rohingya must complete with personal details before repatriation.
A meeting between Bangladesh foreign minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali and Burma’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi at Naypyitaw resulted in the signing pf the accord.
A previous spate of violence in Burma had ended with the signing of an accord in 1992-993 where a formal repatriation agreement and the memorandum of agreement was formed and the current agreement is based on that repatriation agreement between the two, Mr Kyaing said.
He added that in addition to a disclaimer that the Rohingya refugees are returning voluntarily, the forms that the refugees need to fill up will also include the names of family members, the date of birth of each member and the previous address that they had been living in Burma.
Identification documents that had been issued earlier by the Burmese government need to be presented by the Rohingya for them to be accepted back into Myanmar as had been etched in the 1992-1993 agreement.
The identification cards that would be acceptable include receipts the Rohingya had bene given when returning their “white cards” and the presently distributed national verification cards, as well as now-withdrawn “white cards.

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