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Russian Flights Will Not Land In Egypt Till The Reason Of Metrojet Crash Has Been Found


Russia temporarily puts a hold on all the planes travelling to Egypt till the reason behind the Metrojet crash has been brought to light.

According to Reuters, all the passenger flights originating from Russia have been suspended until the “the cause of the Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 crash is established” under the orders of Valdimir Putin.
In fact, as per B.B.C News, the investigators from the United Kingdom are of the opinion that before the take off of the plane, a bomb was out in its hold, whereby the blast caused the death of all the two hundred twenty four passengers on board.
It is reported that the “responsibility” of the crash has been accepted by a group that is based at Sinai and is “affiliated with Islamic State”. Moreover, Ireland and U.K took the matter one step further whereby suspending the flights that fly to “Sharm al-Sheikh”, known as the “resort city Sharm al-Sheikh”.
Recently, the flights from the very city began to fly to U.K only with “added security measures”. Nevertheless, there is still some airlines who couldn’t yet get through the city in order “to evacuate tourists”. The announcement of Kremlin, as per Reuters, is the “first sign” that Moscow believes the theory of the plane being blown up to be the reason behind the plane blast.
The suspension of all airplane movements till the “cause of the crash was determined” was suggested by the “FSB security service” of Russia, Alexander Bortnikov. The “Interfax news agency” quotes a spokesman of the president of Russia stating:
"The head of state agreed with these recommendations”.
Furthermore, Reuters informs that as per Putin’s orders, the Russian government is to hold “talks with Egyptian authorities” so as to acquire a safe return guarantee of the Russian citizens flying to Egypt. Erstwhile ago, Russia maintained:
“...that all theories including the possibility of technical failure should be investigated before it could say what the cause of the crash was”.