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San Francisco becomes the first US city to ban e-cigarettes sale


San Francisco became the first US city to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes. The relevant decree was issued in the city council on June 26. The council voted to ban sale of electronic cigarettes until a special marketing authorization was obtained from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.

The decree covers sale of electronic and flavored cigarettes in regular stores, as well as online sales with delivery of goods to addresses in San Francisco. At the same time, all residents of the city over the age of 21 will still be able to use electronic cigarettes.

Now the decision of the city council must be endorsed by London Breed, Mayor of the city. “I support this decree ... aimed at banning the sale of electronic cigarettes in San Francisco until the FDA concludes on the impact of vaping on public health. We do not know so much about the impact of these products on people's health, but we know for sure that manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in their advertising appeal to our children and get them addicted to nicotine products,” said Mayor quoted by CNN. 

source: cnn.com