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Sanaa Becomes The Target For An Aerial Attack


Yemen faces another blow as the warplanes of Saudi strike the city of Sadaa early in the morning of 3rd July 2015.

Sanaa, Yemen – 03 July 2015 – The media has been all full about the aerial attack on the capital of Yemen that took place early in the morning of Friday. Warplanes were reported to have been led by the Saudi Arabian army. As per the residents and Houthi, a dominant militia group, a child and a woman were killed in the bomb blast, whereby the death toll amounted to minimum six in total.
The neighbourhood of Sannaa al Jaraaf, faced an air raid, wherein six people were reportedly wounded, informed sources from the Houthi group. Moreover, as the day progressed further, and the sun rose to zenith, another attack was “staged” by the warplanes; although as such no damage or casualties were reported.
Moreover, the attack launched at dawn, also targeted the building of the ministry of communications. The “Saba” news agency, which is controlled by Houthi again informed that the house of communications ministry was set on fire while the nearby building were also within the destroy target.
In fact, the mountain, Faj Attan, which overlooks the city of Sanaa, was also not spared. The said mountain was also “a military base” which housed “a weapons depot”; the latter has faced many frequent raids over the last three months, since the war began. Consequently, since the month of March, various units of Houthi militia and other allied army sections have been subjects to bombardment by the coalition, attempting to restore power to the President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi who was exiled.
President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, had to flee into exile in the month of February, whereby he took shelter in Saudi Arabia and continues to remain there till date. The banishment of Hadi and the end of the rule of his government were the results of the Houthis taking control of Sanna, sometimes in last September. The Houthi militia destroyed the hold of Hadi’s defence line of their north-western border and seized the capital Sanaa. Consequently, the government run by Hadi was sidelined, and the militia group extended their area of control over “large parts of Yemen”.
News by Reuters stated that:
“Saba also reported mortar attacks by al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islah party against homes in the Hasb district of the southwestern province of Taiz. The report could not immediately be confirmed.”
The said war has been termed as a level three “humanitarian crisis”, which comes under the category of “most severe” ones, by the United Nations on Wednesday, 1st July 2015. However, the day after the said announcement, the department of the United States of America has “called for a ‘humanitarian pause’”. The said conflict will be put on a hold during the Muslim “holy month of Ramadan” which is currently taking place. This pause would allow various international organisations to deliver the required ration along with fuel supply and medical attentions in the urgent crisis scenarios.