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Scientists Gear To Mine Precious Metals In Space


Studying the core of an asteroid could give a clue about planet earth’s core and its formation.

Scientists think that an asteroid named “16 Psyche” constitutes entirely of “nickel and metallic iron” while the core is made of “solid gold” which could value nearly “$10,000 quadrillion”.
For many years, scientists have been speculating about the huge quantities of precious metals which potentially be floating “unmined in space”. Scientists believe that “precious substances” like diamond, platinum and gold worth “billions of dollars” could be found in “asteroids, and pieces of space debris”. However, it is only that humans are seeing the possibility of “mining some of those riches” in the near future.
“Psyche” has become the “latest mission” launched by NASA dedicated to “study a metal-rock asteroid”. It for the same that “16 Psyche” was created which has recently completed its “critical design” phase. The said asteroid measures “226-kilometre” in width and is located in the “asteroid bed between Mars and Jupiter” in our solar system harbouring “potential riches” surmounting “total cost of the entire” economy of the world.
Reports stated that expert think the asteroid constitutes of “nickel and metallic iron” while the core is of solid gold. The entire value of the same is estimated to be somewhere “close to $10,000 quadrillion”, “enough to make every person on Earth a millionaire”, added news18.com.
Furthermore, NASA also informed that the “16 Psyche” has been designed to study more on the formation of the planet earth. According to a statement from NASA in July:
“Since we can't examine Earth's core up-close, exploring the asteroid Psyche (about 140 miles, or 226 kilometers, wide) could give valuable insight into how our own planet and others formed”.
The design of Psyche spacecraft has been done keeping in mind the above mentioned goal besides studying magnetic field of the asteroid along with gathering topographic and compositional data about the asteroid and capturing its images. NASA’s previous reports stated that SpaceX has also been roped in for the same project, while the project is expected to ready for embarking onto “the asteroid by 2022”.