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Singapore To Build ‘$296 Million’ Smart Next-Gen Army Training Centre


In order to battle with the highest recorded rate of terrorism, Singapore is going to prep its armed forces in a “smart” environment.

Singapore earmarks nearly “S$400 million” which is equivalent to “$296 million” for creating a “next-generation smart training facility” to prepare the country’s armed forces. The new facility will be known as the “Singapore Armed Forced Training Institute City”.
The said area will feature replica of urban settings as well as “configurable buildings, battlefield simulators, targets with shoot-back capabilities and data analytics”, revealed a statement from the Defence Ministry of Singapore.
The project is scheduled to see its first phase completion in 2023 with over seventy buildings, three out of these will be “12-story blocks”. Moreover, it will also have “simulated underground facilities and urban training structures”. During the phase two of the project, the plan is to build “an industrial complex for training”, added the statement.
Ng Eng Hen, the Defence Minister of Singapore, stated that the facility will be used to train troops for “a wide range of operations that include homeland security, counter-terrorism and disaster relief operations, as well as conventional operations in all types of terrain”.
Last year in June, Ng had expressed his views on change and adaption in the armed forces of Singapore as the country was being subject to the “highest terrorism threat level since the U.S. was attacked on September 11, 2001”. Ever since, the minister has come out with plans of improving cyber defence capacities besides orders of “Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 fighter jets” for replacing the “aging F-16 fleet”.
However, the new army training facility was first announced by Ng in the year of 2017.